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When someone says to you, "let's go shopping," how do you feel? You might feel excited at the prospect of spending time in a store, selecting new and beneficial items. Or, you might feel a little apprehensive, wondering whether you'll have enough money to purchase the things you need. Shopping is complicated. It's enjoyable and necessary, but it's complicated. On this blog, we aim to always acknowledge that complexity as we write about shopping. We won't just write about buying groceries or visiting the mall. We'll write about the psychology of shopping, tips for better shopping, and a lot of other topics worth exploring.

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Love Bamboo? Consider These Promotional Products

A lot of people have a fondness for products made of bamboo. You might like the sustainable nature of this material or simply be a fan of its appearance. Whatever the case, you can order all sorts of bamboo products with custom wording and artwork to hand out as a promotional tool for your business. Your first step will be to find a promotions company online that has a vast catalog, as this will increase your probability of finding several bamboo products that you wish to hand out. Here are some suggestions that may appeal to you.


Pens are a popular promotional item to hand out, but giving a conventional plastic pen won't necessarily excite those who receive this item. When you choose a pen design that is less common and more stylish, there's a better chance that those who receive your pens will be eager to carry them and use them extensively. Lots of promotions companies have bamboo pens for companies to customize. You may have the option of either getting your branding information printed along the barrel of the pen or perhaps even etched for a three-dimensional effect.

Travel Mugs

People often think of plastic and stainless steel when they picture travel mugs, but these vessels are available in a variety of other materials — including bamboo. A bamboo travel mug can be a stylish thing for people to carry during their commute. Those who don't finish their hot beverage by the time they reach their office may feel encouraged to take the mug and its contents to their desk. This will work well for your brand because anyone who walks by the desk will notice the mug and see your branding information.


Coasters are another promotional product that is readily available in bamboo. You'll see several different shapes and styles of coasters in this material, especially if you work with a promotions company with many product options. The large surface area of a coaster means that your company's logo, slogan, and website address can all appear and be easy for people to see from a distance. You'll likely want to hand coasters out for people to use at work and at home, and you may also keep them in various areas of your office such as the boardroom. To find these and other products that feature bamboo, look online for a promotions company that carries a wide assortment of products.

To learn more about different promotional business products, contact a retailer.