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When someone says to you, "let's go shopping," how do you feel? You might feel excited at the prospect of spending time in a store, selecting new and beneficial items. Or, you might feel a little apprehensive, wondering whether you'll have enough money to purchase the things you need. Shopping is complicated. It's enjoyable and necessary, but it's complicated. On this blog, we aim to always acknowledge that complexity as we write about shopping. We won't just write about buying groceries or visiting the mall. We'll write about the psychology of shopping, tips for better shopping, and a lot of other topics worth exploring.

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Three Benefits Of A Rubber-Backed Floor Mat

When you shop for a floor mat for your home, you'll likely start by thinking of how you want the top of the mat to look. Floor mats are available in all sorts of materials and colors, which will allow you to find a product that will suit wherever you intend to place it. While the underside of the floor mat might initially be something that you don't think about, it's important to give this area some thought. Some floor mats have a layer of rubber on their underside, which can offer lots of benefits. Here are three noteworthy benefits of a rubber-backed floor mat.

Tidy Look

A floor mat that doesn't have a rubber back is susceptible to sliding around on your floor. This can particularly occur on a floor that has a slick surface, such as certain types of tile floors. When a floor mat slides around, it won't look tidy. For example, instead of sitting squarely in front of your door, it might often be positioned at an angle. This means that you'll have to straighten the position of the floor mat frequently to keep the area looking tidy. A rubber-backed floor mat does a good job of staying in place. The traction that the rubber provides means that the floor mat will rarely move.


A lot of people favor rubber-backed floor mats because they're safer to have in the home. When someone steps on a floor mat that doesn't have a rubber back, the mat can sometimes slide beneath their foot and cause the person to stumble and potentially fall. This can be a concern in your home if you have young children or are elderly. It's easy to walk across a rubber-backed floor mat without it moving, which will help you to feel stable and safe.

Floor Protection

The rubber backing under some floor mats can also help to protect the floor beneath the mat. Some floor mats can get wet. When there's a layer of rubber below the mat, it will prevent the moisture from seeping through to the floor below. If the mat sits on a hardwood floor, exposure to moisture could cause damage to the wood. When the mat has a rubber backing, it provides an impenetrable layer that will keep the wood floor dry.

Visit a home goods store in your area to learn more about floor mats, including ones with rubber backs.